Our workshops and tools help your team work better together.

Programs in Communication, Five Dysfunctions of a Team, DiSC Work Style, Productive Conflict and Personal Branding


Help Your team thrive

We specialize in helping leadership teams master the five behaviors that keep teams strong and allow them to sustain high performance. Anonymous data from your team turns into truly outstanding growth when your team learns and implements this simple and powerful framework based on The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

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customized workshops

We offer a variety of workshops that help individuals learn the skills that make work less frustrating and more productive. Classes in communication, productive conflict, personal branding and DiSC work style assessments focus on teaching practical skills that lead to more positive, productive and ultimately, more profitable workplaces.

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Consulting & coaching

Are you looking for ways to strengthen your team, but you’re not sure what to do next? Do you have key employees with high potential who need individual coaching to overcome unique challenges with communication or relationship building? We can offer customized solutions to get desired results.

A message from our founder, Monica Scalf ...


Monica Scalf, founder

Welcome to The Work Well Group.  As a team leader, I know you want to be an outstanding boss, leading a remarkable, high-perfoming team.

As much as your heart is in it, some days are just hard. You’re putting out fires and never seem to find the time to focus on strengthening your team.

But imagine this …

  • What if you had an easy framework that ensured each of your team members knew the characteristics and skills that ensure a positive and productive team?

  • What if your team members could communicate clearly and effectively, both verbally and in writing?

  • What if your team members knew how to solve conflicts amongst each other respectfully, productively and without involving you most of the time?

  • What if you knew the unique needs, motivators, and stressors of each team member so that you could better lead and inspire them?

Our targeted workplace learning can accomplish all of the above “what ifs”.

We offer interactive, research-driven workshops that build the skills that keep teams strong. Whether your team is a mess (it’s ok, it happens) or already outstanding (a perfect time to make sure it stays that way), your team will learn practical and easy to implement concepts that will help your entire team succeed, and it will help you to continue to cultivate an outstanding team that’s fun to be on.

No time for a workshop? We have a stash of tools to use to improve team performance that you can deliver yourself.  

If you want to help your team be the very best it can be, let's explore how to work together.  


Before our DiSC session, I questioned how our team of accountants would react to this training; would they be able to get something useful from the time we were spending? One of our managers commented, “It was one of the best group activities we have done.” Our team members are now more thoughtful about different personalities when working on projects together.
— John Kirsch, Kirsch CPA Group, CEO
Monica is super professional and personable, and a total expert on all things related to strengthening a team. I’ve actually had the pleasure of working with Monica not only in my current role, but also when I was a team member at a prior company (she made such an impact in the first instance that I enthusiastically recommended her to my current manager). In both team experiences, Monica was successful in tailoring her training and workshops to the needs of the team in order to bring about a positive improvement in team dynamics.
— Greg Lorenzon, ebay, Head of Legal, ebay Classifieds Group
Monica is wonderful in partnering with you and helping you mentor, develop and coach your organization. She worked with our senior management team and me in developing and delivering a series of specific and tailored sessions that not only aligned us, but gave us tangible and practical ways to stay focused, strategic and united. For anyone looking to improve and grow your team, I highly recommend Monica. She truly will help you get-and keep “Working Well.”
— Steve Niesman, itelligence North America, President & CEO