In Person workshops are 3.5 hours in length



DiSC is a personality assessment and leadership tool that provides beneficial insight into the personality and workplace behaviors of yourself and your employees.  

Our DiSC workshop is an interactive learning experience that leaves participants with a better understanding of themselves and their co-workers so they can be more productive and collaborative. 


Our communication workshops help team members harness the power of words, whether written or spoken, to build relationships, be more productive and get the results they desire. 

Choose from: 

All-Star Communication Skills - essential communication skills all team members should utilize

Communicating As a Leader - communicating to define goals, motivate and evaluate

Understanding Communication Styles - recognizing your unique style and how it interacts with other styles for greater productivity and improved collaboration

Effective Business Writing in the Digital Age - writing with clarity and conciseness to get results

Presentation Skills

Most people dread standing up to give a presentation or speak in public.  Our workshop helps participants learn and practice the skills that makes presenting easier and more effective. 

Craft and Deliver Outstanding Presentations - learn a simple framework for crafting a clear, powerful message and practice skills you need to deliver it with confidence and authority

Personal Branding

Personal branding when done with authenticity in mind can help individuals stand out and attract opportunities for both themselves and the organizations they work for. 

Uncover Your Personal Brand - participants learn the benefits of having a powerful personal brand and then develop their own brand mantras during the workshop, plus decide on ways to express their personal brands through their everyday actions

Team Building

Strong teams start with team members who know how to communicate, collaborate and have healthy conflict.  Our team building workshops teach these key skills and uncover the behaviors necessary to create and sustain high performing teams.  

Building High Performing Teams - participants learn the characteristics necessary to create and sustain a healthy, productive team. Discussing trust and healthy conflict as foundational behaviors, participants learn how to develop trust and promote healthy conflict.  

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Assessment and Workshop - this workshop is for teams of 8 - 20 members and improves the way the team works together.  Team members take an anonymous assessment rating their team in five key areas.  Then, during the workshop, the team, with the help of the facilitator, reviews the results and creates an action plan to improve communication, collaboration and productivity.  

Stress Management

When employees learn how to manage stress and avoid burnout, they increase productivity, become more engaged and collaborate better with co-workers.  Our stress management workshops teach practical tools that can be used immediately.  

The Art of Having a Nice Day - Participants discover a new way to look at everyday stressors and learn techniques for minimizing stress and maximizing resilience. 

Managing Workplace Stress - Participants learn a step by step process for minimizing workplace stress including how to prioritize, how to communicate to avoid unnecessary stress and how to set up systems to avoid burnout.