How DiSC Can Help Build Relationships in the Workplace


Yep, we know there’s that certain someone in the workplace that probably annoys, baffles, or downright brings out the worst in you.

The shocking truth is that most likely it has NOTHING to do with you and everything to do with the fact that his or her priorities and tendencies in the workplace don’t match up with yours.

It’s human nature to believe that everyone else has (or should have) the same priorities as us in the workplace. In the world of work, we all have different of courses. 

  •  Of course we should cancel the Christmas party if we are on a tight project deadline. 
  •  Of course we should celebrate birthdays in the monthly staff meeting. 
  •  Of course we should fore-go professional development training if profits are down. 
  •  Of course we should solicit everyone’s opinion before deciding on uniforms. 
  •  Of course it’s ok to raise my voice in meetings, that’s how I get a point across.

So what can you do when your priorities don’t line up with someone else’s? The first step is to figure out just what your co-worker values.

You can do this by using tools that help individuals identify their work styles.

One such tool is called DiSC. DiSC is an online assessment that categorizes individuals into one of four primary work styles. The intent is not to pigeonhole individuals, but rather to provide a framework for dialogue, collaboration, and understanding.

Each style has defined priorities and tendencies. For example, if you fall into the D or Dominance section of the DiSC pie, you value the priorities of Action, Results, and Challenge. However, those in the opposite section of S or Steadiness value Collaboration, Support and Stability. So how does knowing this help?

I’ve seen DiSC training decrease frustration, prevent hurt feelings, and help teams to completely change the way they view each other.

By identifying and understanding your style and the styles of those around you, you can become aware of strategies for working more peacefully and productively with styles that are different from yours. Suddenly that annoying co-worker isn’t so annoying.

The Playground Group offers DiSC profiles. You can take them as an individual for your own purposes, as part of a coaching effort, or as a group with an accompanying workshop.

The shocking truth is that with a little bit of knowledge, you can see your co-worker in a whole new light that allows you to be more positive, productive, and pro-active!

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