Are You Skeptical About Personal Branding? Read This.

When I first started exploring teaching personal branding, I was skeptical.

I thought that there was something just a little too forced, fake-y, and frankly, a little slimy about consciously adopting a brand for yourself.

As the years have gone by, and I’ve learned more about the subject, I now realize the power that a clear, focused, and AUTHENTIC personal brand can have on career success. 

Before, I was thinking that a personal brand was like going out and purchasing a new coat.  You shopped around until you found one that you liked, or could at least live with, and then you put it on and displayed it for all to see. Even if you weren’t crazy about the color or the style, it seemed to be similar to what everyone else was wearing, so why not?


A personal brand is not something you PUT ON or SHOP AROUND FOR, but rather something that is UNCOVERED through the sometimes neglected work of self-discovery and self-awareness.

When you realize that you already have everything you need to express your most authentic and powerful brand and that your job is to simply uncover and express it, the process becomes much more fun, meaningful, and effective.

Recently, I developed and delivered a workshop within a large corporate organization that guided participants on how to uncover and express the personal brands that were already living inside of them and just waiting to get out!

The workshop received high survey scores and the participants learned skills they will use throughout their careers, but also, they learned skills that will help them in all areas of life.

The NUMBER ONE REASON YOU SHOULD THINK ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL BRAND is because clarifying your personal brand is a sure-fire way to grow both professionally and personally.  

As you grow and learn HOW to express your brand, you’ll set yourself apart from the pack, establish more credibility, and be offered more opportunities for career growth.

When we can truly express the best aspects of ourselves in clear and meaningful ways (a.k.a. the act of personal branding), then we have the chance to elevate our entire lives.

Think of the continual energy that can be tapped when our daily actions are in alignment with the vision that we have for ourselves.  WHEN YOUR DAILY ACTIONS AND YOUR VISION FOR YOURSELF ALIGN, YOU HAVE A POWERFUL PERSONAL BRAND.  And you have way more control over what others think about when they think about you!

Your effectiveness, enthusiasm, and energy will be just the fuel you need to reach the career results you desire.  And your clarity in expressing “what others will get when they work with me,” will be just the motivation others need to buy from you, work with you, promote you, etc.

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