5 Quick Ways to Reduce Your Stress at Work

There's no avoiding stressful times at work, but you can have a few go-to ideas in your back pocket for when you're feeling especially overwhelmed.  Here are 5 super simple solutions to help you reduce workplace stress and get on the track to a better day. 

1.  Smile.  Yes, it sounds so simple, but using the muscles in your face to smile releases tension, and you can’t help but feel better when you’re smiling.  Take a 5 second Smile Break. Go ahead, try it.  Smile for 5 full seconds right now.

2.  Tame Your Top 2 To Do’s.  Jot down 2 things you want to accomplish for the day.  Seeing your Top 2 To Do’s written down will make it more likely that you’ll devote the time and attention needed to get them done.  When you’re getting high priority items finished, stress levels drop and energy increases.

3.  Question Yourself.  That might sound a little crazy, but when you’re feeling stressed ask yourself if you’re trying to control someone or something that you can’t.  You may find it helpful to keep a list of things you can’t control.  Letting go of the desire to control things you can’t control can be a huge weight off of your shoulders.

4.  Stretch.  You can even do this while sitting at your desk.  Take your arms and push them out to your side and stretch all the way to the fingertips.  Repeat, but this time push your arms up over your head and stretch all the way to the fingertips.  You can even visualize pushing the stress away from your body and into the air.

5. Offer something good to the world.  I can see you sighing at the thought of such a big task, but really it’s much more simple than that.  Put something positive on Facebook, or write a sign that says “Have a Great Day” and post it in your office, or pay someone a compliment.  All of these things increase those feel-good hormones in your body making it simple and easy to decrease stress.