How to Say No So You Can Be More Productive at Work

If you’ve ever spent any significant time around a 2 year old, you know that one of the first words we master in the human language is “No!”.  But somewhere between our terrible twos and the terrific thirties (and forties, and fifties), some of us forget how and when to use that simple two letter response.

So before you go spouting any more “Yes’s” take a look at our Quick and Dirty 4 Question Test when deciding whether to say “yes” or “no” to the next workplace request.

The Work Well Group Quick and Dirty 4 Question Yes or No Test

How DiSC Can Help Build Relationships in the Workplace

Yep, we know there’s that certain someone in the workplace that probably annoys, baffles, or downright brings out the worst in you.

The shocking truth is that most likely it has NOTHING to do with you and everything to do with the fact that his or her priorities and tendencies in the workplace don’t match up with yours.

It’s human nature to believe that everyone else has (or should have) the same priorities as us in the workplace.

3 Lies Team Leaders Need to Stop Telling Themselves in the Workplace

As a leader, are you guilty of telling yourself any of the following lies? If so, the good news is that there are solutions that can turn each of these around. Read on.

Lie #1: I know what motivates my employees.

In-effective leaders assume that dollar signs are the quickest way to an employee’s heart. Not so fast. Team members have a variety of needs that contribute to what will best motivate them. Some employees love to be social and work with others; other employees crave silence and independence.

Are You Skeptical About Personal Branding? Read This.

When I first started exploring teaching personal branding, I was skeptical.

I thought that there was something just a little too forced, fake-y, and frankly, a little slimy about consciously adopting a brand for yourself.

As the years have gone by, and I’ve learned more about the subject, I now realize the power that a clear, focused, and AUTHENTIC personal brand can have on career success.