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Monica Scalf, founder

It all started when…

Over a decade ago while working as a professor at Xavier University and raising two children I found myself stressed-out, overwhelmed and overbooked. I began researching stress management and started incorporating simple practices to make my life more enjoyable.

I realized stress was everywhere, including in the workplace. It was robbing people of happiness and companies of productivity.  In 2008, I decided to take what I learned about stress and teach it in corporations. My first business, The Playground Group, was born, and our first workshop taught participants how to reduce stress and avoid burnout.  

In the next decade, as I taught in a variety of companies, I continued to add workshop topics that could help people have a better day at work by learning key skills in critical areas such as communication, collaboration, and leadership.  

These skills help employees "work well" - to be engaged, productive, and resilient.  

In 2018 I decided to change our name to The Work Well Group to make our mission and purpose clearer.  We're still doing the same great work, but we no longer have people ask us if we're selling swingsets : ).

In the last 10 years, I've been honored to work with amazing leaders at outstanding companies, and I've determined that when you remind people how to work well, both the individual and the organization reap a multitude of benefits.  

We offer in-person customized workshops all over the country, public workshops in Cincinnati, OH, and coaching by phone or video to help leaders reach their goals.  

We believe in the power of Working Well, and we hope you allow us the opportunity to help you Work Well too.

To find out more about Monica Scalf, visit her Linked In profile.